Meet Ioana                                                                   


   My name is Ioana Ionescu and am originally from Seattle, WA. I am a Seattle and LA based photographer/actor.  In 1998 I moved to LA to pursue an acting career and shortly thereafter fell in love with working behind the camera as well.  In 2006 I established Ionescu Photography, photographing actors in the greater Los Angeles area.  After years of a successful photography business in LA I decided to expand my business to Seattle as well.  It is a blessing for me to be working in two beautiful fields that both nurture and feed my spirit entirely.  The scene I create is my canvas and my subjects are the characters.  I specialize in portrait photography where I am able to capture what inspires me most, the human spirit.  In all other genres of photography I am able to explore my passion for creativity and direction.  I want my subjects to shine and with every shot it is important to me that I capture the very essence of a person. My focus is on getting the most natural shot.  It is important to me to capture the BEST you. I like to keep the mood casual and carefree in my sessions. It is about celebrating YOU, the subject.  I want my sessions to be an exciting and fun experience. Pictures are forever... lasting memories that live on long after we do. We all wish to leave a part of our spirits behind to live on as a part of our legacy. I am grateful to have a career that gives mutual joy to both myself and my clients. I look forward to a special and unique experience with each and every one of you.